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From a Mailing & Logistics Support Manager at a major Midwest mailer

If you want your staff to have more time to work on other things or just be happier at work, then this software is for you. If you don’t want to deal with PostalOne!'s MDR Client software and you do want to have a better interface to interact with PostalOne!, this software is for you. To be clear- I’m not just saying this to be nice and make staff at WBI happy, but it’s the truth from my point of view as a Tech Support Manager, Deployment Person, Process Manager and a power user of post-presort software, the MDR Client, PostalOne!, and someone who manages mail production systems...

What is PostalWeb?

PostalWeb® is a web-based postal productivity and compliance platform for mailers and mail owners. The first application on this platform, PostalWeb eDocs, automates manual PostalOne!® postage statement retrieval and provides a source of accurate and reliable postage data for use by mailers and mail owners. Customizable postage reporting is also available. PostalWeb automates all transactions with PostalOne!, from automated uploading of Mail.dat®

Why PostalWeb?

Every year the US Postal Service® raises the bar on what they want mailers to do in order to continue receiving the best discounts. As the USPS® struggles to reduce operating expenses they often shift costs from themselves to the mailer.

PostalWeb provides mailers the ability to reduce these extra costs while using some of the data they send to the USPS in ways that can make their own mailing operations more efficient. PostalWeb is a "win-win" for the mailing industry: the USPS realizes increased program adoption and compliance while mailers enjoy improved productivity, customer service and Mailer Scorecard results.

Who can use PostalWeb?

MAILERS: Any mailer that submits Mail.dat files to PostalOne! can use PostalWeb.

BCC Software’s PostalWeb Connector™ manages Mail.dat submissions to PostalOne!. It does not matter if you use a post-presort product like BCC Software’s DAT-MAIL™ or not. PostalWeb Desktop Dashboard™ offers even further automation and productivity by providing an intuitive user interface. Color coded job statuses make it easy to monitor job progress. Easy to understand error messages and QuickFix functionality allow easy detection and correction of validation errors, so problem files can be quickly fixed and resubmitted to PostalOne!.

MAIL OWNERS: Any mail owner that is paying postage with their own permits can use PostalWeb to automatically retrieve statements and statement data created by all of their mail service providers. If their mail service providers are mailing under their own permits, you will get those statements and data as well.


USPS, US Postal Service and PostalOne! are registered trademarks owned by the United States Postal Service. Mail.dat is a registered trademark of the International Digital Enterprise Alliance (IDEAlliance). PostalWeb is a registered trademark of BCC Software. PostalWeb Desktop Dashboard and DAT-MAIL are trademarks of BCC Software.