This page contains important information and tools that developers can use to create PostalWeb® Connected components.


PostalWeb® provides Postage Statement XML Files to mailers in an easy to use format. These XML files provide all of the postage detail you see on the postage statements (but not the registers) and identify the parties to the mailing: the Mail Owner name, address and CRID (when there is only one for the statement), Mail Preparer name, address and CRID and the Permit Holder name, address and CRID. You will also find other useful information on the permit that was used, affixed postage information (when present), PostalOne!® postage statement ID, CAPS transaction ID and more. You can rely on this data to be complete and accurate whether you are using it for billing or postage/CAPS accounting purposes. Mail Preparers can import these XML files into billing or job shop systems, though it may require some conversion to their proprietary formats.

The EDocs XSD provides the most up to date schema for these XML files. Get the XSD file here